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Senate District 13

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Scott Bright is a new-generation, conservative business, and community leader dedicated to shaking up the Democrat-controlled State Capitol.

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Explore Senate District 13, which includes the Highway 85 corridor from east Greeley and Evans in the north to Adams County-based Brighton in the south. It is currently represented by Republican-turned-Democrat Kevin Priola, who is term-limited in 2024.


Conservative Values

Upholding Tradition, Guided by Principles

Family and Community

Nurturing Strong Foundations for Future Generations

Limited Government:

Empowering Individuals, Restraining Bureaucracy

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Our Concern Issues

Ready to Shake Up the State Senate on Day One!

With a keen understanding of the issues at hand, Scott Bright emerges as the steadfast advocate we need to navigate these critical times and bring about meaningful solutions.

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