Don’t Miss Out: Vote for Your Freedoms

Hello, fellow Coloradans!

As a candidate for the Colorado State Senate, I am committed to ensuring that your voice is heard and your rights are protected. This election is not just about choosing a representative; it’s about affirming our collective belief in democracy and the power of the people. Your vote is your voice, and it’s essential to exercise this fundamental right.

Visit the Weld County GOP voter information page here, the Adams County GOP here, and my campaign website here for detailed guidance on how to make your vote count.

scott bright for colorado state senate

Why Your Vote Matters

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. It’s how we hold our leaders accountable and ensure that our government reflects our values and priorities. By voting, you’re participating in the process that determines everything from local policies to national laws. It’s a powerful way to influence the direction of our state and country.

Protecting Your Rights Through Term Limits

One issue I’m passionate about is implementing term limits for Congress. The idea is simple but transformative: limiting the number of terms for elected officials ensures fresh perspectives, prevents the entrenchment of power, and promotes citizen leadership over career politicians. This change is crucial for a healthy, dynamic democracy.

The Movement for Term Limits

I am proud to support U.S. Term Limits (USTL), a non-partisan organization dedicated to this cause. The mission is to call for an Article V convention to propose a Constitutional amendment for congressional term limits. Achieving this requires the support of 34 states, and Colorado – which already has term limits in place for state legislators — can be a leader in this movement.

By voting for candidates who support term limits, you are advocating for a Congress that better represents the will of the people. You’re saying yes to a government that prioritizes service over self-interest.

Get Involved, Stay Informed

Staying informed is key to making empowered decisions. Check out the voter information resources provided by the Weld County GOP here or the Adams County GOP here to ensure you have all the necessary details about registration, polling locations, and voting procedures.

Additionally, visit my campaign website here to learn more about my platform, upcoming events, and how you can get involved. Together, we can make a significant impact.

Make Your Voice Heard

With far-left Democrats in total control of state government, this election is your opportunity to bring change that betters the future of Colorado and the nation. Don’t miss out on your chance to vote for your freedoms, your values, and the changes we need: get tough on criminals, back our law enforcement, reduce property taxes and the cost of living, and end “sanctuary” policies. Every vote counts, and your participation is vital.

Let’s work together to create a government that truly represents the people of northeast Colorado. Your vote is your power — use it wisely!

Thank you for your support,

Scott Bright

Candidate for Colorado State Senate, District 13

Remember, your vote is your voice. Let’s make it heard.