Scott Bright Offers Transparency to Colorado District 13 if Elected for Senate

Are you tired of Democrat politicians running the State of Colorado without public exposure to what they’re doing?

Well, we think it’s common sense that voters, taxpayers, and, citizens in general, know what their legislators are doing. Alas, this belief is not held by all elected officials. We just saw Governor Jared Polis (D) and the Democrat-controlled legislature pass laws that would stop public access to legislative meetings. To add insult to injury, they did this ONLY after getting caught violating the rules!

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Scott Bright, candidate for Colorado Senate, would like to ensure transparency and accountability for elected officials of all stripes.

Democrats Sued for Secret-Meeting Politics

Democrats have been citing some very nebulous reasons for holding private legislative meetings, outside the public’s eye. Usually, it involves some specious argument about “voting without feeling pressured,” when in fact they want to write legislation that nobody in Colorado wants. According to Suzanne Taheri, a lawyer who sued them over this, they aim to vote in secret, violating a 50-year-old law, requiring open meetings.

“The public wants public business to be done in public, not in secret, not in what is now the equivalent of a backroom cigar-smoking caucus,” said Taheri.

Thankfully, help is on the way, a solution to this blatant back-room dealing, provided we vote for new leadership in Colorado.

Scott Bright’s Solution

Colorado voters deserve transparency and accountability, but Colorado’s far-left, one-party legislature and Governor this spring exempted legislators from the state’s open-meeting laws! As your State Senator, I’ll fight to bring back the transparency that citizens should expect of their legislators.

-Scott Bright Candidate for Colorado Senate District 13

Help Support the Scott Bright for Senate Campaign!

Of course, as we said, this scourge of secretive meetings will continue until we replace anti-transparency Democrats with legislators who support the concept of open, transparent government. That’s why we invite you to support us in any way you can: campaign outreach, event hosting, grassroots canvassing, or any other creative way you see fit.

The entire team at the Scott Bright for Colorado Senate Campaign thanks you for considering this important message. If you’d like to learn more about legislative transparency, or ways to help elect Scott Bright, then contact us anytime with your ideas or questions.