Upcoming Caucuses on March 9

Now that the Republican caucuses are almost upon us, it’s time to support the next generation of conservatives and achieve tangible results. This includes Colorado Senate candidate, Scott Bright, seeking election to District 13, a newer district, serving citizens of Weld and Adams counties. Therefore, we invite you to vote and participate in the caucus process this coming March 9th.

scott bright for state senate garden city

Upcoming Caucuses – March 9th

District 13 caucuses begin at 9 am on Saturday, March 9th for dozens of precincts in Weld County and Adams County. This is not only an opportunity to exercise your constitutional right to vote but also to help safeguard the process, and ensure proper election procedures during the caucuses. There are numerous ways to participate, and it’s not too late to volunteer at your nearby precinct.

You can follow those two county hyperlinks to identify where it is you should vote, based on your address. Some locations, as you’ll notice, are still listed as “TBD,” so you may have to reach the local district captain. Also, don’t forget that these caucuses are extremely important because they will determine your Republican nominee for public office at every level of government.

If you don’t know which precinct you should visit to vote, then that’s no problem. You can contact our campaign team at info@scottbrightcoloradosenate.com. Also, if you’re new to all this, and not familiar with how a caucus works, we can help you learn all about the process.

Why Scott Bright for District 13?

Scott Bright continues to gain popular support, both from among local Coloradoans, along with prominent endorsements from several mayors, sheriffs, and other state senators. Scott is a husband, father of two, and hard-working business owner, ready to do his part to reinvigorate conservative values, family-centrism, and limited government in Colorado.

The Scott Bright Campaign looks forward to your vote and support during this important election season. With your help, we can stem the tide of extreme-left politics and confusion in Colorado, make communities safer, protect 2A rights, support parents’ educational rights, and more. If you’d like to learn more about this senatorial campaign, then you’re always welcome to reach us anytime via email.